May 10 2018

Tysons Corner, VA USA

"Next-Generation Satcom Antennas... Now!"



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Welcome & Introduction

David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF

Caleb Henry, Staff Writer,  SpaceNews

Antenna Innovation: Stroke of Genius or Magical Thinking?
Next Generation Terminal Innovations Shark Tank


  • Closing the Next-Gen Business Case...With An Antenna?

  • 2025: Will the Phased Array market Really Be Worth $710 million

  • Waveform & Function: Setting Performance Expectations

  • Why Multi-Beam Phased Array Antennas Aren't Flooding the Market (Yet)

  • Is Parabolic a Viable Alternative?

Co-Chairs: David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF & Caleb Henry, Staff Writer, SpaceNews


NSR Presentation:

Brad Grady, Senior Analyst, Northern Sky Research (NSR)



Tim Shroyer, Chief Technology Officer C2ISR, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Mark Steel, VP Product Development & Strategy, Inmarsat

Ralph Brooker, President, SatProf

Steve Richeson, VP Sales & Marketing, Mission Microwave Technologies, LLC



  • What Price is "Right"?

  • Volume, Cost, Margin and Other Nagging Details

  • I'd Like My First 100,000 Units Yesterday: Timelines Revisited

  • Excuse Me, Is That Your Side Lobe?

  • Final Check: The Manufacturers' To-Do List

Co-Chairs: David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF & Catherine Melquist, President, MSUA



David Helfgott, CEO, Phasor

Paul Scardino, SVP, Sales Operations/Engineering & Marketing, Globecomm

Greg Quiggle, Vice President of Emerging Products, iDirect

Michael Abad-Santos, SVP, Americas, LeoSat

Richard Hadsall, VP Global Network Operations, Kymeta


Refreshment & Networking Break                                         Sponsored by


  • Baby, You Can Drive My Connected Car - What Toyota Wants

  • Who Can Deliver 1 Million IoT Antennas?

  • Broadband on Trains: Light at the End of the Tunnel?

  • Multi-Beam & The Truth About LEOs, MEOs and GEOs

  • How Much Interference Is Too Much?


Co-Chairs: David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF & Tom Stroup, President, SIA



Leslie Klein, President & CEO, C-Com

Jose Torres, Sales Director, Integrasys

Gil Shacham, VP, Marketing & Product, SatixFy

Mark Steel, VP Product Development & Strategy, Inmarsat

Land-Based Antenna Shark Tank


Lunch                                                                                  Sponsored by 


  • Less Is More: Innovating to Cut Size & Weight (and Cost?)

  • Rx/Tx Antennas at Ka, Q, V and Beyond

  • Airborne HTS and the Quest for Broader Broadband

  • Quantifying the Aeronautiucal Antenna Value Proposition

  • Bending Metal...and SMC...and Circuit Boards

Co-Chairs: David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF & Richard Parker, President, WSBR



Bill Milroy, Chairman and CTO, ThinKom

Ric Vandermeulen, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Government Systems, Viasat

Peter Moosbrugger, Chief Technologist, Ball Aerospace

Matthew Jones, Director, Space, C4ISR & Advanced Technology, Boeing

Mark Richman, Director, Aeronautical  Product Management, Intelsat

Aeronautical Antenna Shark Tank


Refreshments & Networking Break                                            Sponsored by


  • Class by Class: What the ESV Antenna Market Wants and...

  • What the ESV Antenna Market Will Get

  • The Good, the Bad and the Radome

  • What's Your Mean TIme Between Failure?

  • Do You C-Band?

Co-Chairs: David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF & Robert Bell, Executive Director, SSPI & WTA



Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst, IsoTropic Networks

Keith Johnson, COO & EVP of Energy Division, Speedcast

Stephen Conley, Maritime Market Segment Lead, SES

Shane Rossbacher, Director, Maritime Product Management, Intelsat

Maritime Antenna Shark Tank


Closing Remarks

David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF


Reception                                                                                     Sponsored by

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